How important is the salary when applying for a vehicle loan?

In Peru, the numbers favor the sale of cars. Currently, there are 68 cars per thousand inhabitants, which means that this market will continue to grow. More and more people are encouraged to become owners of a brand new vehicle, but many times there is a factor that stops them: How to ensure that they give them the vehicle credit?

An element that has a lot to do with the process is the salary

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The banking institutions place a minimum salary that the interested party should receive in requesting the credit. The most common is that it is S / .1800, but some banks request even more than s / .2000. Why does this happen? Knowing how much they pay allows financial institutions to assess their ability to pay, which helps measure whether it is a high-risk customer or not.

Due to the fees you will have to pay for the car you choose, the amount of salary required is the minimum considered to cover up to the lowest fee.

But what can you do if you earn less than the minimum required?

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In that case, a point in favor is to delay that you have other monthly income, since it helps to increase your ability to pay, that is, the money you have left after you have fulfilled your obligations.

It should be noted that receiving the salary required by the chosen entity does not guarantee that they will give the credit, since other aspects such as the amount of debts they have active or their credit history are evaluated.

In addition, you should remember that each institution has different requirements and evaluation methods, so before applying for the loan, it is advisable to compare all entities to check which one has the most convenient vehicle credit. For that you can use the comparators available on the web or in Martins Rulers.

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